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Chengqiao Town


Nanjing Garment Industrial Zone was founded in 2000, it is a key Industrial Zone characterized by garment production, processing and export in Nanjing. It is awarded as "famous town of garment in Jiangsu" and "Demonstration Base of Jiangsu textile industry cluster" by Jiangsu Textile Industry Association, the zone is also listed as characteristic zone of key industry by Nanjing Economic Committee. Having a total planning area of 6 square kilometers, the Garment Industrial Zone has development 3 square kilometers land in first phase project. There are more than 50 garments, clothing, toy and other related enterprises with the employees of 12000 in the Garment Industrial Zone which has become the processing base of more than 30 kinds of international (domestic) garment and clothing brand. With total annual garment production of 24 million, processing revenue of more than 1 billion Yuan, tax payment of over 0.1 billion Yuan, the output value of garment industry has accounted for about 85% of the total industrial output value of the whole town, resulting in a group of garment enterprises such as Huiteli, Haotian, LianBi, Jim, Jinsi, Aowei, Yuantai, YuSheng, and Tianzhijiao.

After years of hard work and innovation,relying on a good location, Nanjing Garment Industrial Zone forms the industrial clusters, labor transfer, infrastructure, investment environment, extension of industry chain as well as the highlight of industrial agglomerate effect with each passing days. The beautiful environment, road network and facilities, landscaping, lighting, greening bring out the best in each other. The Garment Industrial Zone showing a gratifying situation of "development on all fronts". For the larger, stronger and better of Nanjing Garment Industrial Zone, Party committee and governments of Chengqiao town plan ahead, concentrate financial resources and increase investments in infrastructure facilities so as to concentrate on building a famous town of garment in Jiangsu.

With the main idea of "highlighting the main industry, expanding the overall economy, focusing on features, enhancing the grade", centering on the requirements of "cross-river development, leapfrog development, brand new development, and harmonious development", promoting the combatant spirit of "entrepreneurial innovation, No self - satisfaction", following the fine purpose of "serve you, develop us", Nanjing Garment Industrial Zone further enlarge the scale of the zone, strengthen characteristics of garment industry, enhance competitiveness of the zone, so as to develop the zone into a major garment production base, garment market center and cultivating land of garment brand. Garment material, accessories and fittings of a complete "one - stop" service system has formed already. On the basis of extension, the Garment Industrial Zone shall turn to become "zone within zone".