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Featured Industries

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Eight New Fields: new energy, new material, bio-pharmaceutics, new optoelectronics industry, environment protection equipment, aerospace, rail transportation equipment and advanced ship-building.

Ten Industrial Chains: Flat panel display, integrated circuits, communications, photovoltaic, petrochemical, automobile, iron and steel, and wind power generation equipment, rail transportation equipment and electrical equipment.

Four Pillar Industries:

Electronic and Information Industry: focusing on developing 6 industrial groups: new flat panel display products, communication products, software and system integration products, computer and associated peripheral products, information and home appliance products and new electronic component products.

Automobile Industry: taking midrange cars as masterstroke, trucks and key components as sideline, promoting joint venture with international automobile giants and integrated into international automobile industrial chains.

Petrochemical Industry: by 2010, developing fine chemical products in large scale, including 3 million tons of ethylene, 40 million tons of refined oil as well as acetic acid and chlor-alkali.

Steel and Iron industry: by 2010, forming capacity of 12 million tons of steel, including 2 million special steel.

Nanjing is a regional center for trade, logistics, tourism, exhibition, and finance and information service. The proportion of trade, logistics, finance and tourism in municipal GDP will be increased. Service industries will be promoted, especially in those potential areas, such as financial service, community service, education, culture and sports.

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