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Chlorpyrifos 48% Ec

Open Details in New Window [Oct 21, 2020]
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Chlorpyrifos 48% EC Chlorpyrifos Common name chlorpyriphos-éthyl ((m) France); chlorpyriphos ((m) F-ISO, JMAF); chlorpyrifos (BSI, E-ISO, ANSI, ESA, BAN) IUPAC name O,O-diethyl O-3,5,6-trichloro-2-pyridyl ...

Company: Nanjing Essence Fine-Chemical Co., Ltd.

Tags: Pyrethroid Insecticide | Pesticide Tech | Insecticide Natural


V90 Gnss Rtk System Hi-Target Gnss Rtk Smart GPS Receiver (hi-target V90)

Open Details in New Window [Sep 17, 2020]
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Specifications 1.Dual-frequency RTK GNSS. 2.220-channel GPS+GLONASS+SBAS+GALILEO 3.Integrated UHF+GSM/GPRS+Bluetooth. Professional 220 channels Hi-target V90 gnss RTK GPS base and rover ...

Company: Nanjing Hanzhong Mapping Equipment Co., Ltd.

Tags: Measuring Instrument Mold | Gps Surveying Instruments | Measuring Level Instrument


Polyester Webbing Sling, According to En1492-1, as 1353, ASME B30.9 Standard, Ce, GS Approved.

Open Details in New Window [Sep 12, 2020]
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D. L. T Sling manufacturer Flat web slings are generally constructed of Polyester, Nylon, and Polypropylene material and offer several attractive features, which promote their popularity among rigging products. ...

Company: Nanjing D.L.T Sling Co., Ltd.

Tags: Car Safety Belt Webbing | Rigging Lifting Flat Sling | Endless Rope Sling


Tallpic Interactive Touchscreen System TV-Toucher Turn Any 65" TV/LCD Into Touch Board

Open Details in New Window [Oct 28, 2020]
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4.FQA 1.Why doesn't the TV-Toucher fall when placed on a TV display/whiteboard? The unique gravity distribution and support design enables the product to be self-stabilizing. 2.How to adjust the position of the ...

Company: Nanjing Frentec Co., Ltd.

Tags: Magnetic Writing Whiteboard | Infrared Interactive Whiteboard | Lcd Touch Screen Remote


Lz-55 High-Alumina Refractory Fire Brick Glass Furnace

Open Details in New Window [Jul 29, 2020]
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LZ-55 High-alumina Brick Description High alumina brick is a kind of neutral refractory material with alumina content over 48%. The raw material of high alumina refractory brick is bauxite or other ore with high ...

Company: Jiangsu Cera Thermal Technology Co., Ltd.

Tags: Polished Brick | Ceramic Brick | Art Brick


Atex Sil2 Certified Fixed Gas Monitor with Integrated Sound Light Alarm and OLED Display

Open Details in New Window [Sep 08, 2020]
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ATEX SIL2 certified Fixed gas monitor with integrated sound light alarm and OLED display Introduction AF110, AF111, AG310, AG311 gas detectors are suitable for detecting the combustible and toxic gases in hazardous ...

Company: Nanjing AIYI Technologies Co., Ltd.


in Stock Disposable Earloop Face Masks / Face Mask, Maska, Maske, Masque, Maschera

Open Details in New Window [Nov 30, 2020]
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A:Facing the face of the mask without nose clip, hold one ear band with both hands, so that the nose clip is located above the mask. B:Put the mask over your chin. C:After pulling the ear strap to the ear, ...



Kerun Steel Blackening Agent Pr506

Open Details in New Window [Nov 02, 2020]
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Product introduction: Blackening agent is made up of many kinds of organic antirust agent, organic colorant, emulsified dispersant and anti rust agent through a number of processes. The surface of steel workpieces is ...



Gearbox65 for Parallel Twin Screw Extruder

Open Details in New Window [Nov 23, 2020]
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Rubber / Plastic Machinery Twin Screw Extruder Gearbox Twin Screw Gearbox Features --- High Speed ---Triaxiality parallel design improve B axis bearing capacity. ---Simple manufacture and convenient ...



ANSI Meter Single Phase or Two Phase or Three Phase Round Socket Type Energy Kwh Meter Watt Hour ...

Open Details in New Window [Oct 30, 2020]
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ES12-S/ES13-S Single-phase Socket Type Electricity Meter General Description The Meter is a solid-state, single-phase residential watt-hour meter that provides utilities with unparalleled digital ...


Tags: Electrical Energy Meter | Watt Meter | Meter


Injectable Liquid Washing-Drying&Sterilization-Filling&Rubber Stoppering-Sealing Line

Open Details in New Window [Oct 28, 2020]
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1. Introduction The production capacity of this production line is up to200bts/min(as per customer's requirements, it is adjustable in 50-200bts/min),it is suitable for big production capacity of lyophilized ...


Tags: Injection Bottle Mold | Wire Injection | Vial Injection


Poct / Getein 1100 Analyzer Clinical Analytical Instruments for ...

Open Details in New Window [Aug 06, 2020]
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Getein1100 Immunofluorescence Quantitative Analyzer Getein1100 Immunofluorescence Quantitative Analyzer (hereinafter called Getein1100) is an analyzer for processing and analysis of Getein test kits including ...

Company: Getein Biotech, Inc.

Tags: Pedometer Analyzer | Key Analyzer | Engine Analyzer


IEC Standard Fog Type Toughed Suspension Glass Insulator

Open Details in New Window [Oct 23, 2020]
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NJREC glass suspension insulators are designed, manufactured and tested in conformance with the requirements of ANSI Standard C.29.2B. Technical Specifications/Certificates: Glass Insulator ...

Company: Nanjing Rainbow Electric Co., Ltd.

Tags: Clamp Type | Sealed Type | Vacuum Type


Wholesale Glow in Dark Colorful Flashing Luminous Golf Ball

Open Details in New Window [Aug 22, 2020]
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Golf is a precision club and ball sport, in which competing players (or golfers) use many types of clubs to hit balls into a series of holes on a golf course using the fewest number of strokes. It is one of the ...

Company: Nanjing Bewe Intl Trading Co., Ltd.

Tags: Golf Ball Tee | Golf Toy Ball | Golf Ball Floating


Emergency/Protable/Transfer Ventilator in Low Price with Ce (Hfs3100A)

Open Details in New Window [Jun 24, 2020]
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200 UNITS IN STOCK Multi-applications:Suitable for children and adults with body weight more than 20kg. Apply to ambulance, surgical operating room, ICU, emergency room and kinds of emergency and transport ...

Company: Nanjing Qianhe Medical Instrument Co., Ltd.


Ar-7610 Ark-7610 Auto Refractometer

Open Details in New Window [Oct 04, 2020]
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China auto ref/keratometer Model: ARK-7610 With keratometer fucntion AR-7610 Without keratometer . Technical Data 7" Color and touch screen, Auto tracking , motorized chinrest , one ...

Company: Nanjing Redsun Optical Co., Ltd.


10mm Winch UHMWPE Rope for off-Road ATV/UTV

Open Details in New Window [Nov 10, 2020]
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10MM*26M 18500LBS Synthetic Winch Rope for ATV UTV Off-Road Towing Technical specification: -Size:10mm x 26m UHMWPE Synthetic Winch Rope/Line -Average -Breaking Strength: 18500 Lbs -Color: ...

Company: Alphar Chem Co., Ltd.


Aerosun 3900L Cgj5070gxw Sewerage Collector / Vacuum Truck

Open Details in New Window [Nov 26, 2020]
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Aerosun 3900L CGJ5070GXW Sewerage Collector/vacuum Truck Type of CGJ5070GXW Self-discharging Sewerage Collector is changed on refit chassis of NKR77LLPACJAY custom. It is same not only with sewerage and liquid waste ...

Company: Aerosun Corporation


Medical ICU Nicu Ault Pediatric Neonatal CPAP Ventilator (H-100E)

Open Details in New Window [Nov 27, 2020]
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Fully electronic control Used for neonatal, pediatric and adult. Tidal volume: 5-2000ml 15.6 inch touch screen,SVGA solution All parameter or alarm limit adjusted by sliding the touch screen Ventilation type: ...

Company: Nanjing Poweam Medical Co., Ltd.

Tags: Medical Instrument Massage | Medical Instrument Cable | Medical Laboratory Instrument


High Tenacity Industial Polyester Yarn

Open Details in New Window [Nov 23, 2020]
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we are specializing in the production of high strength and low shrinkage polyester filament for sewing thread, high strength and low shrinkage polyester industrial fine denier yarn, high strength and low shrinkage nylon ...

Company: Yancheng Hontest Medical Equipment Co., Ltd.