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Flamed Plywood Violin Outfit Gloss Brown Student Violin (GV101F) with Case and Violin Cover Bow ...

Open Details in New Window [Nov 11, 2020]
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-Qualtiy student violin outfit -Back with flame -Plywood body, with triangle case and quality ebony frog bow -Dyed hard wood fitting, metal tailpiece -Available size 4/4-1/16 -Gloss varnish ...


Tags: Brass Musical Instrument | Educational Musical Instruments | Usb Musical Instruments


Ringlock Scaffolding with Hot DIP Galvanized Surface Finish

Open Details in New Window [Dec 03, 2020]
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Ringlock system scaffolding Ringlock system scaffolding /Multidirectional systsm scaffolding are built to be the most reliable and efficient scaffolding available. Components: Verticals/standards, ...

Company: Nanjing Tuopeng Construction Technology Co., Ltd.

Tags: Scaffolding Cover | Aluminum Scaffolding | Scaffolding Cup


Mariosolar Power Supply 120 Cell High Efficiency 1500V 305W 310W 315W 320W 325W Half Cut Perc ...

Open Details in New Window [Nov 27, 2020]

MSHM-120H 305-325W 1500V Mariosolar High Efficiency Monocrystalline Half-cut Cell Solar Module with Perc Technonoly (1500V) Jiangsu Mario New Energy Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the field of new ...

Company: Jiangsu Mario New Energy Co., Ltd.


Commercial HVAC Equipment/Air Conditioning Water Cooled Screw Water Chiller

Open Details in New Window [Nov 27, 2020]
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Commercial HVAC Equipment/Air Conditioning Water Cooled Screw Water Chiller: SCHLEE Water-Cooled Screw Chiller delivers variable speed, superior energy performance at all operating hours. This type water chiller has ...

Company: Nanjing Schlee Refrigerating Equipment Manufactory Co., Ltd.

Tags: Water Chiller Evaporator | Water Cooled Modular Chiller | Fan Water Chiller


8 Months Protection Collar for Small Dog Allergy Free Flea Tick Collar

Open Details in New Window [Nov 27, 2020]
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product name:Flea and tick collar with chemical - Allergy free size: 33cm(old mould), 40cm (new mould) validity:8 months

Company: Nanjing Bailigao Pet Products Co., Ltd.


3- Aminopropyltrimethoxysilane (CAS No. 13822-56-5) , Silane Coupling Agent

Open Details in New Window [Nov 24, 2020]
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Abstract 3-Aminopropyltrimethoxysilane (CAS No. 13822-56-5), Silane coupling agent SCA-A10M, is a versatile amino functional coupling agents used over a broad range of applications to provide superior bonds between ...

Company: Nanjing Capatue Chemical Co., Ltd.

Tags: Agent | Adhesive Silane | Toughening Agent


Optical Glass Spherical Plano Convex Lens

Open Details in New Window [Nov 20, 2020]
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Plano convex lenses have one plano surface and one convex surface, they have a positive focal length. Plano convex lenses are widely used for focusing and collecting light in optical instrument. We produce plano convex ...

Company: Nanjing Shuncheng Optical Components Co., Ltd.


Schumann (GP-212) Black Grand Piano Musical Instruments

Open Details in New Window [Aug 21, 2018]
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Design: The principle of European traditional piano design and German special eXC comprehensive assessment system are used in the design of key parameters such as scale length, tension, string diameter, striking point ...

Company: Nanjing Schumann Piano Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Tags: Piano Surface | Piano Electric | Rubber Piano


HDPE/ PTFE Tube for Industrial Valve From China

Open Details in New Window [Jul 08, 2019]
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These products are our newly provided in sales market. Application: Dental, lab... Nanjing CompTECH, since 2001, has become an leader in the manufacturing and fabrication of Fluoropolymer products for the industrial ...

Company: Nanjing Comptech Composites Corp.

Tags: Bulk Hdpe | Hdpe Recycled | Tube Hdpe


Custom Printed Cotton Canvas Tote Bag

Open Details in New Window [Jun 22, 2020]
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Custom printed cotton boat tote bag Materials: 12 oz cotton Dimensions: 18"L 14"H 7"W Roomy main compartment with snap closure Contrast bottom and handles in vibrant colors Open front pocket for easy ...

Company: Jurong Grand Co., Ltd.

Tags: Golf Tote Bag | Canvas Tote Bag | Zip Tote Bag


Double Flute PCD Cuttingtools Diamond Router Bits

Open Details in New Window [Sep 04, 2020]
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PCD cuttingTools Diamond Router Bits Mainly used for natural granite, marble, contempt, gravestones carved small letters . SHK :means the diameter of the tool hand CED: cutting edge ...


Tags: Pcd Cutting Tool | Bit Tool | Milling Diamond Tool


Factory Price Programmable Logic Controller PLC for Intelligent Control (Programmable Relay ...

Open Details in New Window [May 31, 2019]
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Product Description: Programmable Relay PR-12 series (Compact Range) overview: PR-12 range is advanced level model, incorporating a good mix of digital & analogue IO , Integrated High Speed inputs and PWM ...

Company: Rievtech Electronic Co., Ltd.

Tags: Intelligent Controller Plc | Plc Programmable Logic Controller | Plc Adapter


Diffuse Long Distance PNP NPN Photoelectric Sensor Switch (FS50)

Open Details in New Window [Nov 20, 2019]
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KJT-FS50 Series Photoelectric sensor switch Detailed Product Description Features: ----Easy to set up and adjust distance. ----Short-circuit protection, reverse polarity protection. ----Cable and ...

Company: Nanjing KJT Electric Co., LTD

Tags: Photoelectric Switch Light | Oil Sensor Switch | Omron Photoelectric Sensor


China High Pressure Steam Boiler Feedwater Pump

Open Details in New Window [Oct 23, 2020]
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3GP/ 5GP High Pressure Steam Boiler Feedwater Pump High pressure steam boiler feedwater pump, high pressure boiler feed pump is widely used in mining, oil thermal paper, sugar, textile, light industry, valve pressure ...

Company: Nanjing Yalong Petrochemical Equipment Technology Co., Ltd.


M18 Inductive Proximity Switch NPN PNP No Nc Proximity Sensor 2-Years Warranty

Open Details in New Window [May 24, 2019]
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Feature * Equivalent to the same type of the other brands * Power supply reversal connection protection; short-circuit protection, can directly connect with PLC * Newly added current over-load protection; the ...

Company: Cheemi Technology Co., Ltd.

Tags: Inductive Sensor Switch | Thermo Switch Sensor | Inductive Sensor Proximity Switch


Commercial Air Conditioner Industrial Air Cooled Modular Chiller

Open Details in New Window [Feb 16, 2020]
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-- Product Description -- Withair® offers a variety of Air-Cooled Modular Chillers for a wide range of comfort and process cooling applications and also offers complete, factory-assembled scroll liquid chillers ...

Company: Withair (Nanjing) Industries Co., Ltd.

Tags: Heat And Air Conditioner | Air Source Chiller | Stainless Water Chiller


Eco-Friendly Cocktail Bamboo Drinking Paper Straws 6*150mm

Open Details in New Window [Mar 23, 2020]
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Drinking paper straw We do custom design orders Custom design bottle to build your own brand/LOGO FREE SAMPLE SERVICE For exsited design bottle sample, we provide free sample, client cover shipping cost. For ...

Company: Nanjing Master Packaging Co., Ltd.

Tags: Party Drinking Straws | Disposable Straws | Corn Straws


Ball Mounts for Trailer

Open Details in New Window [Aug 18, 2020]
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Product Introduction WHY DEEPER? 1:Deeper sells quality and service with very reasonable pricing. 2:Deeper builds up the capacity to design, tooling & create new items based on ...



C Shaped Quartz Halogen Infrared Heater with Special Carbon Fiber

Open Details in New Window [Mar 31, 2020]
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Product Description Why we have to widely use infrared lamp(infrared heater) to instead of normal electric heaters? Because infrared lamps are highly efficient ,energy-saving and environment ...

Company: Nanjing Dandy-Link Technology Co., Ltd.